sup, i'm christian! but i'm not a christian
and please refrain from calling me chris :)
i am 1/4 of there for tomorrow and 1/2 of future head productions. cinematography is my thing!
so are cheesy horror movies, the beasite boys, sierra nevada torpedo, beyonce knowles,anything and everything to do with star wars, skateboarding/riding bikes, HOOTERS ALWAYS, and smoking phat blunts. that pretty much sums me up!

mountain climing

1 Trillion Dollars || anti-flag

Gone Daddy Gone || Violent Femmes

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Kiss Off | the Violent Femmes

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the purple bottle || animal collective

And my dear, dear, dear Khalana. I talk too much about you. Their ears are getting tired of me singing all the night through. Lets just talk together. You and me and me and you. And if there’s nothing much to say. Well, silence is a bore. . I’ve got a big, big, big, big heartbeat, yeah . I think you are the sweetest thing. I wear a coat of feelings and they are loud. I’ve been having good days. Think we are the right age. To start out own peculiar ways.

Pizza Party - L’Homme Run


If you got a blunt then we can get high

If you wanna come then pick up the phone!

Don’t get caught with a wack calzone.

Absolutely Cuckoo | The Magnetic Fields

Don’t fall in love with me yet. We’ve only recently met. True I’m in love with you, but. You might decide I’m a nut. Give me a week or two to. Go absolutely cuckoo. Then, when you see your error. Then you can flee in terror. Like everybody else does. I only tell you this because. I’m easy to get rid of. But not if you fall in love. Know now that I’m on the make. And if you make a mistake. My heart will certainly break. I’ll have to jump in a lake. And all my friends will blame you. There’s no telling what they’ll do. It’s only fair to tell you. I’m absolutely cuckoo.

daydream in blue- i monster

Tenacious D - “Dude (I Totally Miss You)”

did you see the words | animal collective
Have you seen them, The words cut open. Your poor intestines cant deny when the inky periods drip from your mailbox and blood flies dip and glide reach down inside. . theres somthing living in these lines.

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LFO-  Summer Girls